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14K Yellow Gold Capricorn Talisman Pendant

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This Zodiac Talisman Pendant features your sign of the zodiac, your constellation, ruling planets, zodiacal stone and your astrological lucky numbers.

Zodiac Talisman Pendant Details:

- 14K yellow gold
- Approximate Weight is 3.2 grams 
- It's stone is a 2.5 mm genuine cabochon Ruby 
- Actual diameter is 22.5 mm

 This Zodiac Talisman Pendant is very unique because we've chosen all the most important elements essential for a person's well being and composed individual, very powerful, astrological talisman.

Whether you're looking for a  powerful tool for spiritual growth and well-being or a stylish accessory, astrological talisman pendant is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your collection.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful pendant

Thank you for such a beautiful and high-quality thing. I adore this pendant and wear it every day.

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