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About Talisman Creations

Talisman Creations is the flagship enterprise of Granoldi Verde Inc which supplies the patented Talisman Jewelry through our website. Sanna Monosov the creator of Talisman Jewelry has dedicated her life to the research and development of zodiac jewelry based on the principles of astrological science. The results of these endeavors are seen in the form of unique and personalized talisman rings, talisman pendants and other horoscope jewelry which harnesses the positive energies of one’s ruling planet, zodiac, constellation, birthstone and numerological lucky number within itself. 

A Talisman has been in existence through eras and civilizations. The word Talisman means ‘influence of a planet or the Zodiac upon the person born under the same’. Thus, Talisman rings or pendants have been worn to protect one or their loved ones from dangers or to procure love. A  Talisman represents the extraordinary power of zodiac and the basic elements of life - earth, water, fire and wind. A Talisman pendant or talisman ring harnesses positive energy from these elements and the zodiac enhancing one’s life.

Featured on major television channels across Canada, US and Europe, our talisman jewelry has been protecting, caring and influencing the lives of our customers with its unbridled positive energy. Like all true talismans must, our talisman rings or talisman pendants are not just another adornment but the convergence of elemental & celestial forces that flow through us at all times. Our talisman pendants or talisman rings are designed to harness these forces to its optimum thus providing a doorway that opens all doors to our fortune.

Talisman Creations not only influences one’s luck but also is a lasting gesture of love and care. Thus, our Talisman jewelry symbolizes love for your beloved while it discreetly influences the zodiac and sun sign for their well-being. We at Granoldi Verde appreciate the depth of this commitment. We pledge to provide our customers with authentic gemstones and diamonds in our diverse range of good luck gifts, talisman pendants, talisman rings, talisman jewelry and our Granoldi Verde diamonds and gemstone collections.


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