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What is a Talisman


TALISMAN : An object that brings the wearer good fortune.

Anything that we think brings us luck is in fact considered to be a talisman.

This Talisman is different from any other because it is based on the science of Astrology. It incorporates all of the elements that represent one’s astrological identity.

On every Talisman you will find: the sign of the zodiac, ruling planet(s), constellation, zodiacal stone and lucky numbers. 

This Talisman is unique and very personal. It is made of gold with a genuine stone of the zodiac (which is different from your stone of the month). In, fact it is so unique and different that it has been granted a Patent Protection.

This Talisman is an ideal gift of love, caring and protection you can receive or give to anyone, from your newborn baby to your elderly grandparents. It is being worn by people of all faiths and from every walk of life. Youngsters, teenagers, adults and the elderly all enjoy the benefits of the Talisman regardless of emotional state and financial standing. The Talisman represents your astrological identity. 

It has been documented that when one is born, there are certain alignments of the stars and planets of the universe that influence our lives. 

This Talisman has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide to change their lives completely around in every aspect of life. Love, Health, Business, Relationships and Money are some of the areas in which people who own the Talisman were able to make dramatic life-altering changes. I have written and taped testimonials pertaining to people’s experience with the Talisman. However, I always maintain the importance of understanding that the Talisman is not magic. You must understand the importance of being involved in your own life. 

According to testimonials, this Talisman has been known to assist people in helping themselves in changing their lives in every aspect. The Talisman has been known to give confidence and to instill the feeling of well being. There are many motivational books and motivational speakers who promote a positive attitude and a positive frame of mind. It is extremely important to attain that state of being, but very difficult. If you can change your attitude you can change your life. One of the most difficult things to do is to change your ways. That’s where this Talisman comes in. Being your secret weapon, it is there to do just that-help you change the things in your life that make you unhappy, even if it is on a subconscious level.

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”

If you don’t go out and do for yourself, nothing will change in your life. If you need a job, go out and look for it because it won’t come knocking on your door, but chances are that with the help of the Talisman you will find your dream job. Think about this: positive attracts positive. Successful people don’t like to hang around nay-sayers .This Talisman is a tangible. It has been known to help to disengage one from negative personality traits and negative behavior patterns.

I have never met anyone who does not know his or her sign of the zodiac. Most magazines and newspapers carry a horoscope section. Those of us who believe in astrology as well as those who do not, still read the horoscope.

Finally, whether one wears the Talisman for good luck or as a personal symbol of self-assertion, the combination of elements that are present on the Talisman will well serve one’s talismanic purpose.



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