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About Sanna Monosov

It is said that, ‘Successful people don't do different things they do things differently’, which resonates with Sanna Monosov’s character. The creator of the world-renowned Talisman Jewelry did things differently to help her family and herself during unbearable times. Instead of despair, she took it upon herself to understand her situation, research her problems and found answers in perhaps one of the oldest sciences in existence – Astrology. Her research led her to create the miraculous good luck jewelry: talisman pendants and talisman necklaces known as Talisman Creations.

When Sanna Monosov realized the positive influence of the patented talisman pendants’ in her life, her relatives and friends started believing in the transforming powers of these good luck jewelry thus spreading the word. Having experienced the encouraging benefits of the talisman jewelry first-hand, Sanna Monosov decided to help others with the help of this phenomenal good luck jewelry. This was modest beginnings of Sanna Monosov’s Talisman Creations. Sanna Monosov’s Talisman Jewelry is a symbol of positive belief in the ability to influence our own destiny with a little help from the stars.

Sanna Monosov describes her patented Talisman jewelry and why it works better than any other good luck jewelry available in the market today.

Sanna Monosov’s in-depth research discovered a way to harness the cosmic energies within a talisman ring, talisman pendant or talisman bracelet creating a powerful cocoon of positive energy around its wearer. Over the years, talisman rings, talisman pendants and the zodiac jewelry collection have enhanced the lives of its wearers protecting them from the negativism that surrounds today’s times. Our talisman jewelry is not just a piece of good luck jewelry but it's there to protect and bestow good fortune free of negative influences to its wearer.


Sanna Monosov - Television Hostess
Designer and Patent Holder of the Internationally Acclaimed Talisman Jewelry

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