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Wanted to retire-didn’t look like it would work out-after having Talisman for a year, everything worked out financially-was able to retire. Bought Talisman pendant and ring for daughter. Last summer her son-in-law was having terrible problem at work-so she bought Talisman for him; told him to wear it all the time, he promised that he would. He was told it would take 18 months for the situation to get straightened out (she got him Talisman in August-situation straightened out in December-instead of 18 months it took only 3 months). Believes that all positive energy from Talisman changes attitude, gives feeling of strength. She retired last April-as happy as could ever be-never takes it off-they feel there’s a positive protective force, helps to cope. Once she got Talisman she feels so much stronger and life is fuller. 

Purchased Talisman a year and a half to two years ago and she wore it every single day religiously. Two months after receiving it she received a payment of claim which was pending for 5 years for a sizeable amount of money. Thoroughly believes it’s the Talisman. She is going into open-heart surgery and the only thing which she is taking with her is her Talisman.

Agrees with everything that I have to say about the Talisman. She thinks that it’s a wonderful Talisman. Believes it brings a lot of positive energy.

Owns one from last year. Her mother was having a sickness and it gave Linda a lot of strength and courage, it brings her good and positive energy.

Ordered 2 pendants; one for her and one for her daughter; they are very close (both Pisces). When she saw the lucky numbers on her Pisces Talisman, 3 and 7, she was shocked because that is her birthday.

I am a Sagittarian, and I never give up! Sanna I bought my mom the Talisman in yellow gold and she is doing great . She has improved her health with exercise and she is looking very beautiful I lover he so much. The funny thing is we're both Sagittarians, Can you believe it? Is there anyway Sanna that you can tell me how to purchase a pendant in white gold for myself?
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"Sanna, I am an Aries too - 3/25/51 - the reason I'm writing is that I really love the Talisman you designed. I guess when I wear them I feel calm - seems to help me stay on a calm mode. Thanks! "
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"Aloha from Hawaii. Thank you for creating wonderful Talisman astrological pendant and ring. My fiancé and I have been wearing these wonderful pendants for over 6 months. These Talisman gave us lucks and happiness both of us are like the pendants that we have. "
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"Early in 2000 I purchased a Talisman pendant which I fell in love with immediately. I believe in fate and that with Talismans or "lucky charms" we can bring good things to us. ... Well less than a week after I received my Talisman (and was wearing it every day) both of us receive letters from our job saying the site was coming to and end and they no longer needed our services. Perfect timing. We were both so happy. I feel my Talisman brought me the good fortune I needed. A couple of month later I was hired for a great job position, again in construction but this job is nothing like the other one. Other things seemed to improve around me too. I also came into a small inheritance from a great-aunt that passed away, sadly we miss her but she was 97 and lived a great life."
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This is the second letter I am writing you. I just wanted to THANK YOU again for your gift to the public of the Talisman. I purchased my 1st Talisman March 1997. The positive changes and things that have happened in my life, personality and relationships are miracles! I am so happy and confident now at 32 years old. I gave my husband his for Christmas '97. The fantastic things that this has done for him and us are amazing. People treat him a lot better at work and we have so much more joy in our lives together so it's great for our 2 children as well. I purchased one for each of my children aged 2 and 5 years. I also got one for my sister and she is doing fantastic and our relationship has blossomed. Thank God for you and the Talisman. I wrote before about purchasing my moon sign pendant. I just bought it when I heard the testimonial from Gina (spelled right?) the lady who bought 29 Talismans. She said she and her husband wore their moon sign pendant and she sounds so upbeat, calm, joyful, peaceful and nice (also successful) I had to get mine. I hope it enhances the already positive benefits I have received so far. I'm sure it will because the Moon represents your personality, dreams and how you see yourself and the moon is very important. I hope you actually get to read this letter. I really believe God gave you the idea for the Talisman to help people who need help and hope, everyone would and can benefit from this. I believe it is all positive and brings out the good in people and makes them more happy and loving to themselves and others. May God always bless you and your family Sanna!
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