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14K Yellow Gold Pisces Talisman Pendant

Sale price$210.00 USD

This Zodiac Talisman Pendant features your sign of the zodiac, your constellation, ruling planets, stone of the zodiac  and your astrological lucky numbers.

Zodiac Talisman Pendant Details:

- 14K yellow gold 
- Approximate Weight is 1.3 grams 
- It's stone is a 2.5 mm genuine cabochon Amethyst (stone of the zodiac not the stone of the month)
- Actual diameter is 16 mm (0.62")

This Zodiac Talisman Pendant is very unique because we've chosen all the most important elements essential for a person's well being and composed individual, very powerful, astrological talisman.

Whether you're looking for a  powerful tool for spiritual growth and well-being or a stylish accessory, astrological talisman pendant is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

It's pretty but not the size expected. Last one I had was stolen and was a pendant the size of a bit bigger than a quarter and very solid. This is more like a dime size. Other than that, it's nice

Jennifer Jenkins
Pisces Power! ♓️

What can I say?! I’ve been searching for this product for some time now as my mother has had hers (Leo) for over 20 years! My mom also has the matching ring that is no longer sold but sure wish it would! I love my pendant so much and so happy to be twinning with my mom. Also, me and my husband are both Pisces so it makes it that much more special! Such a lovely addition to my stack and I couldn’t be any more happy!

Gold Pisces Zodiac Talisman Pendant
14K Yellow Gold Pisces Talisman Pendant Sale price$210.00 USD