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CAPRICORN 14K Gold Pendant
(December 22 - January 20)

CAPRICORN 14K Gold Pendant (December 22 -  January 20)
CAPRICORN 14K Gold Pendant (December 22 -  January 20)

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This Talisman features your sign of the zodiac, your constellation, ruling planets, zodiacal stone and your astrological lucky numbers.

- The TALISMAN Pendant is made from 14K yellow gold. 
- Approximate Weight is 3.2 grams. 
- It's stone is genuine Ruby. 
- Actual diametre is 7/8th's of an inch.


This Astro Talisman is very unique because we've chosen all the most important elements essential for a person's well being and composed individual, very powerful, astrological talisman.

On every Talisman you will find: the sign of the zodiac, ruling planet(s), constellation, zodiacal stone and lucky numbers. The combination of symbols on the Talisman combine to create an integral force which creates and retains energy vital to the well being of each individual.


Pendant Diameter 7/8th's of an inch
Metal 14K Gold
Shipping & Guarantee    All Talisman Jewellery is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer's defects and/or flaws.
Zodiac Capricorn
Stone of the Zodiac Ruby