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About Granoldi Verde

Granoldi Verde Inc. is the home of the patented and world-renowned Talisman Jewelry, Zodiac Jewelry and good luck gifts which have been bestowing our patrons with prosperity and contentment in their lives through well-founded principles of astrological science. Over the years, Granoldi Verde has touched the lives of its clients from all walks of life, enriching them by providing horoscope jewelry, talisman pendants and quality astrological jewelry. Granoldi Verde stands for purity, trust, quality and more importantly positive energy by means of our zodiac jewelry and talisman collections.

We have a comprehensive range of Talisman Creations which includes horoscope jewelry, good luck jewelry, zodiac rings, zodiac pendants and astrology jewelry. along with a diverse assortment of Granoldi Verde engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond jewelry, pendants, diamond bracelets and more.

Our zodiac jewelry & the complete talisman creations is highly inspired by the guidance of leading designer and patent holder of Talisman Jewelry, Sanna Monosov. Our collections bring a confluence of Gemology and Astrological sciences under the same roof to provide some of the best quality horoscope jewelry available on the internet today. Our aim is to provide our customers with not only the highest quality of assorted zodiac jewelry and horoscope jewelry but also to positively influence their destiny and life in business, at work, at home and in relationships.

At, our customers can avail pure and authentic precious stones, diamonds and birthstone jewelry on every purchase. Every stone is accompanied by an IGI® or AGI® Appraisal Certificate with detailed information about the gemstones or diamonds on the birthstone rings or your zodiac pendant necklace. Our commitment to quality is evident in the steadily growing list of customers returning for repeat purchases.

Talisman Creations offers not just jewelry but assured product quality, gemstones authenticity and horoscope jewelry with its ability to influence one’s fortunes like no other zodiac jewelry can. We stand by the superiority of our gemstones, birthstones and diamonds available on Granoldi Verde and We consider it our privilege and our mission to provide talisman jewelry proven to enhance the lives of our customers by providing a positive means to help tide over difficulties in their daily lives.


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