Stones for Virgo: How to use them and what they mean

Stones for Virgo: How to use them and what they mean

Do you want to attract good luck to your side and activate talents and opportunities given by nature? Like thousands of years ago, astrologists find a definite connection between a person, their zodiac sign, the cosmos and stones. Thus, based on astrological practices, it is believed that the formation of personality and character is influenced by a certain sign. It is exactly this sign that determines our strengths and weaknesses as well as the elements of influence and protection in which talismanic stones play an important role. Depending on the minerals and their energy capabilities, astrologists allocate stones for good luck, healing, protection, strengthening or softening of character traits.

In this article, we will look closer at the most prudent sign of the Zodiac - Virgo. Such strong qualities as attention, intelligence, intuition and perfectionism can be developed with the help of talismans with stones. At the same time, Virgo can be somewhat annoying with excessive criticism, carelessness, and irritability. In this case, crystals can achieve balance and peace of mind. Let's find out which stones will be powerful talismans, amulets and guardians for Virgo and how to use them with maximum benefit to themselves.

Virgo: The earth sign of the zodiac

Virgo - Earth stone

General characteristics of the sign

Virgo is considered to rule from August 23 to September 23. As the sixth sign in the horoscope, Virgo belongs to the earth element, so it has a natural realism. It is ruled by Mercury, which influences communication, the thinking system and  talents in commerce. According to Vedic astrology Virgo is responsible for the intestines, the upper abdomen with the abdominal cavity. The lucky numbers are 3, 5, 6, 12, 20 and 27. For people who are born under this sign, powerful talismans can be various gems, apples, copper and tin, and the most desirable colors will be green, orange, yellow in muted tones corresponding to the "Earth" palette.

Let’s consider the key characteristics and character traits associated with Virgo:

  • Analytical mind, sharp intellect with analytical thinking is a key character trait.
  • Practicality - almost all decisions are weighted, deliberate and based on facts with logic. 
  • Criticality - Virgos refer to themselves strictly, but they are also too demanding to others.
  • Modesty - they do not like to be in full view, being mainly reserved.
  • Responsibility - they take almost all tasks seriously and are completely responsible for any actions.  
  • Caring - being good listeners, Virgos are always ready to show support and assistance, sometimes even obsessive.
  • Organizational - they pay attention to detail, strive for perfect order, planning, neat and methodical.

For all their merits, we can rarely meet a person who combines all the positive qualities in perfect balance. Born under the sign of Virgo find it difficult to keep a balance, so they are often characterized by criticism of others, irritability, brooding, restlessness and stubbornness. Therefore, many people who wish to "smooth over" the harsh manifestations of character look for the right stones.

 The importance of finding stones that match the traits of Virgo

It is believed that the most effective talisman is the one that everyone chooses for themselves, guided by inner feelings, depending on the goal pursued. 

If a woman needs to gain confidence, then jasper will be her best ally. It will also be good for attracting finances and improving communication with loved ones. Tiger's eye is the best stone for a Virgo woman who wants peace and quiet, who wants to get rid of stress and who needs to rest. Carnelian will be effective as a talisman against evil influences. Sapphire will help to improve good personal qualities and mitigate flaws.

Virgo men have a naturally difficult character. They are often restrained in life, they do not show love, they are withdrawn and categorical in their judgments. Choosing the right mineral will help cope with the complexity of temper. Chrysolite will help a man to cope with conservatism, austerity, criticism, to develop the best in himself. Jasper can be useful not only by women but also by men, especially in family and heart matters. It will also make a man a wiser partner and more attractive in a relationship. Sapphire will help to cope with sadness and confusion, activates the inner charm, and lazurite will smooth out misunderstanding and reduce the natural stubbornness.

Stones for Virgos

Stones for Virgo

Individually the best stone for each person is considered the birthstone, as its energy is the strongest for Virgo.

A selection of stones for Virgo

Let's consider which stones will be ideal based on which decade of the astrological period the date of birth falls on:

  • First decade, 23.08-02.09, you need to pay attention to yellow sapphire, jasper, carnelian, topaz and agate;
  • Second decade, 03.09-12.09, such stones as emerald, sapphire, onyx, topaz, pearls, sardonyx, jasper would be good;
  • Third decade, 13.09-23.09, your best talismans are  emerald, garnet, lapis lazuli, topaz, sapphire and chrysolite.

Properties and meanings associated with the leading stones for Virgo:

Emerald is the best stone for this sign of the Zodiac, it activates love feelings like attractiveness, attraction, passion, it gives the opportunity to open up. If used as a talisman, it can create an energy barrier to any troubles.

Sapphire is associated with wisdom, clarity of thought, and development of the intellect. It is believed that the mineral can bestow devotion and purity of thought, but it does not promise it.

Jasper is a crystal of health, wisdom, and longevity. It helps to strengthen well-being in all spheres, gives the ability to adapt to changes in life, dangerous situations and the acceptance of change.

Topaz is a stone for good luck - it will favor Virgo's surroundings, will attract fortune and financial prosperity, and can be a source of happiness. It is believed that with its help you can find friends and develop intuition with empathy.

How to use stones for Virgo

How to use Stones for Virgo

Practical tips for incorporating Virgo stones into daily life

If you are ready to use the powerful energy of stones, you need to get the right start, so we share tips to help make minerals a part of your life:

  • First of all, you need to find your stone. To do this, it is better not just to be guided by a list, but to hold each crystal yourself and feel its energy.
  • An important condition for using a birthstone is that it did not belong to anyone else before you, so avoid going to pawnshops or various fairs.
  • It is not necessary that the mineral is absolutely new, it can be a birthstone, but it is worth wearing it on condition that its previous owner was able to use it to develop its qualities. Otherwise it is possible to transfer all the problems in life, with health and failures to yourself.
  • It can be a gift. A pendant talisman, given from a person who loves you, increases the positive energy of the stone.
  • Why not try Meditation? Many people use crystals as a focus during meditation, reflection, which Virgo people are by nature not indifferent to.
  • When choosing a piece of jewelry as a talisman, pay attention to the insert so that it has no chips, irregularities of an unnatural nature.
  • In order for the stones to work, they must be natural, not hydrothermal or synthetic.
  • How about a home amulet? Placing minerals around the perimeter of the house or workplace can achieve strong protective properties.

How to wear stones for Virgo

For the most effective use of stones, we share tips on how best to wear them:

  • A piece of jewelry is a sure and convenient option. It can be a pendant, earrings, a bracelet or a ring, but the main thing is that the insert would be as close to the body as possible.
  • You should not expect instant talisman action, each stone has its own period of manifestation, but they all first accumulate power before manifesting itself.
  • Given that we are rarely guided by one goal, many people try to make a talisman as useful as possible by choosing a jewelry piece with many stones. In this case, it is difficult to strike the right balance and choose the matching crystals. It is better to wear a talisman with one stone, and you can enhance or expand its capabilities by choosing jewelry with additional symbolism. It can be an image representing lucky numbers, a constellation or a patronizing planet.
  • The stone should also not constantly be kept with you, so you need to give it a "rest". Otherwise, having reached an over-accumulation of power, it can turn strong traits into negative sides. For example, the pomegranate will not only make you confident, but also it can provoke aggression.
  • Keep it in the pocket! It is also a great solution to wear talisman stones. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to use positive energy when wearing jewelry may be inappropriate. Secondly, it is believed that wearing minerals this way attracts good luck, financial independence and helps you get rich.

Talisman Creations presents the best talismans for all signs of the Zodiac. An elegant round pendant, made of gold or silver as you choose, inlaid with emerald is what will be the perfect companion for anyone born under the sign of Virgo. To enhance the possibilities of the talisman, it is also marked with the image of the patronizing planet, the constellation, and lucky numbers. Such jewelry is a great gift for yourself or your loved people!

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