Stones for Libra: how to use them and what they mean

Stones for Libra: how to use them and what they mean

The use of stones in astrology has a strong association with various spiritual and mystical beliefs. Stones are the best talismans for attracting good fortune, but this is not all of the minerals' capabilities. They are often seen as carriers of energies and symbols influencing a person's physical, spiritual, and emotional state. Energetic properties, balancing energies, individual development, health maintenance, and spiritual and personal development make stones an essential element in astrology.

This article concerns the noblest, most reasonable, diplomatic, and harmonious sign of the zodiac, Libra. Their strong traits are honesty, empathy, intelligence, creative talents, and determination, which you can strengthen with the help of properly selected stones for good luck. At the same time, they are prone to mood swings, doubts, and selfishness. Difficulty in finding life balance is often the culprit of the collapse of all endeavors. Let's consider what stones can help Libra to become successful, dodge negativity, bring harmony into everyday life, attract good luck, and how to use them to achieve the desired effect.

Libra: The Air sign of the zodiac

What do we know about this zodiac sign?

Born between September 24 and October 23, it is the seventh sign of the zodiac circle and the most unique. It is the only element whose symbol is an inanimate object. Ruled by Venus and Saturn, the Libra always strives for harmony and makes the right decisions. However, the fluctuations dictated by the influence of these two strong patrons often get in the way. Therefore, to connect their energy simultaneously with Venus and Saturn, it is better to wear pendants-talismans with an image of these two planets.

Based on the interpretation of Vedic astrology in the human body, the Libra is responsible for the lumbar region, kidneys, ureters, adrenals, and lower abdomen. By the New Moon, pay attention to these organs.

Lucky numbers are 2, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, and 15. Schedule essential meetings on these dates and the probability of successful results will increase. Green emerald is the best stone of the sign, and yellow, blue, gray, and pink are colors that bring good luck.

Key characteristics and personality traits of Libra

Unique by nature Libra will always stand out from other zodiac signs with the following:

  • Striving for balance and harmony in all their surroundings.
  • Judgment. They always work through many options before making decisions.
  • Finding compromises under challenging situations.
  • Ability to find common ground with different people.
  • Delicacy in resolving various issues.
  • Justice. Libra always looks for it and tries to defend it, even at the expense of their interests.
  • Empathy. They keenly feel other people's emotions and help those needing support.
  • A sense of taste. The Libra shows interest in different types of art, mainly succeeding in creative directions.
  • Determination. It takes them a long time to make a decision, but if they define a goal, they keep to the chosen strategy.
  • Some romanticism. Being adherents of emotional relationships, the Libra shows a penchant for romance. 
  • Self-sufficiency. Despite the ability to be at the center of attention, they like privacy and appreciate personal space.

Despite the many strong qualities often suffer from such features of their character as uncertainty, mood swings, selfishness, the desire to control everything, and indulging weaknesses. Those who wish to reduce the negative aspects and improve the positive traits should turn to birthstones.

The importance of finding stones that match the traits of Libra

Different minerals are meaningful for the sign of Libra, but astrologers recommend choosing the one to which intuition and heart lead.

Women need talisman stones for self-confidence, happy relationships with men, career growth, and to get rid of frivolity. To "ground themselves" and concentrate on essential things, they should choose emeralds, green beryl, and opal to manage energy to their advantage.

Libra men are mostly uncalculating and are not inclined to take the initiative. They are often sluggish and shy, have difficulty overcoming obstacles, and feel bad about failures. Such lucky stones as emerald, chrysolite, and zircon will attract good luck, help to cope with problems, and give determination. 

Stones for Libra

A selection of birthstones that resonate with Libra

Astrologers have identified birthstones that can become powerful talismans based on the period of the birth of this zodiac sign:

  • September 24 - October 03 - diamond, lapis lazuli, sapphire, turquoise, selenite, quartz, and malachite will help increase the character's hardness and strengthen the energy.
  • October 04 - October 13 - people born in this period are too modest, so they need stones that help them achieve more, increasing the monetary reward for their labor. They need emerald, beryl, amethyst, ruby, white opal, tourmaline, and sapphire.  
  • October 14 - October 23 - sophisticated natures who appreciate life need emerald, topaz, tiger's eye, aquamarine, tourmaline, opal, pearl, and lapis lazuli.

Apart from the best stones, Libra should beware of such saturated red crystals as carnelian, garnet, jasper, and sardonyx. These minerals enhance negative character traits.

Properties and meanings associated with each stone for Libra:

  • Emerald is a powerful talisman for this zodiac sign. It can help strengthen the spirit, achieve the desired goals, attract luck, and gain confidence. It is considered a universal mineral for everyone, transferred by inheritance, and has the property of being charged with the energy of generations, passing it to the next owner.
  • Diamond gives hardness of spirit and ensures purity of mind. The stone will direct energy to achieve goals, make decisions, and eliminate indecision, timidity, and internal "stop signs."
  • Tourmaline has the property to influence the improvement of health. It is believed to help relieve tension, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and calm the head.
  • Chrysolite will help to cope with mood swings and avoid spontaneous decisions influenced by emotions. The stone will bring harmony and peace of mind, temper impulsiveness, and calm the nerves.
  • Sapphire will allow you to go forward and show grit. It helps to control emotions in any situation.
  • Topaz can energize vigor and positive thinking and cope with changeable moods.

How to use stones for Libra

Practical tips for incorporating stones into the life of Libra

To utilize the positive energy of minerals, you must include them properly into your daily life. A few tips will help Libras do that:

  • Believe in the stone’s power! There are enough stones among crystals that can become talismans or amulets. Believing in stones’ effectiveness is the primary condition to activate their capabilities. Otherwise, nothing will happen.
  • Find your stone! See what suits your date of birth, hold the mineral in your hand, and feel its warmth.
  • Inherit a mineral! Men and women can receive minerals by inheritance. The main thing is that their previous owners used their energy to their advantage.
  • Get a gift! A stone given from the heart by loved ones initially carries a powerful charge of positive energy.
  • Feel the magic! Whatever stone you choose, it is impossible to achieve the desired results without working on yourself. The mineral is only a conductor of energy and a link between astrological forces and a person. It can improve, motivate, and attract, but the owner must take the initial action.
  • Check for flawless! Inspect the stones before using them. You should avoid cracked stones, minerals having chips, or any damage of unnatural origin.
  • Use only natural minerals! Other types will not bring any results.
  • Improve the home hearth! For this purpose, you need to place stones in different areas in the house as decoration.
  • Keep souvenirs and decor! Figures like hearts, bowls, keys, wheels, sun, and books inlaid with stones can be a great amulet.

Tips on how to wear stones:

  • Jewelry is the best way to keep the talisman always with you. Pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings are great for this purpose.
  • Although each talisman stone can differ in properties, it is not worth wearing them together in one piece of jewelry. Use one stone enhanced by other elements associated with the zodiac sign.
  • Hold it in your hand during meditation. It will help to accumulate the right energy.
  • Carry a crystal in your pocket. It helps to attract finances and good luck. It will also give the opportunity to "feed" energy during decision-making or emotional outburst.
  • Do not use the stones constantly. Let them discharge so the overabundance does not go to the opposing side.

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