Stones for Leo: How to use them and what they mean

Stones for Leo: How to use them and what they mean

Stones are important components of astrology. They are believed to have a connection to the zodiac signs, planets and elements shown in a person's natal chart. Not surprisingly they were there before the creation of mankind and will be after its disappearance witnessing history and evolution. Now minerals are considered to be conductors and sources of energies with qualities that are characteristic of this or that sign. Therefore, anyone who is into astrology knows that using stones is effective in enhancing personal abilities, natural qualities, as well as in attracting positive energy and protection.

In this article we will know about the sign that controls the fifth house of the zodiac, Leo. Strong spiritually, indomitable, resolute, a true king, who in spite of the natural abundance of energy can be defenseless and vulnerable without the proper channeling it in the right direction. Let's find out what minerals correspond to Leo, what they mean, and how to choose the best stone and use it for your own good.

Leo: The fire sign of the zodiac

Leo - the fire zodiac

The general characteristics of this sign.

Leo belongs to the fiery element, which gives it a special momentum and energy. It rules from July 23 till August 22, which makes it the hottest time of the year on most continents. It is ruled by the Sun, which, in addition to fire, gives it special powers, energies, talents, and the desire for self-realization.

Character traits of Leos

As you know, each of the 12 zodiac signs stands out with its own traits, speaking of Leos we should highlight the following character traits:

  • Excellent leadership qualities - they are able to motivate, inspire, lead people and take responsibility for actions.
  • Confidence - a well-developed sense of yourself, although in some moments, it can be considered a negative part of the character.
  • Generosity - they both love and respect the wealth, but are always happy to share with others.
  • Creativity - tireless energy is manifested in the creative nature, so there are many representatives of the arts among Leos.
  • Passion - it is not only displayed in intimate relationships, but also in all endeavors, because the king of nature is not afraid to go beyond the comfort and always strive to win.
  • Emotionality — they are always open and show their opinions and feelings, no matter how unpleasant they are to others.
  • Some negative character traits such as rudeness, vanity or jealousy.

The importance of finding the right stones for Leos

Crystals have great significance for Leos, not only in astrology, but also in other teachings. There are rocks for the zodiac sign that have an inextricable connection to energy and character. In many families, you can even find an ancestral stone that is passed down from ancestors to a new generation of Leo.

Сhoosing stones it is important to pay attention to its characteristics, capabilities, properties and affiliations, even gender matters. If a man born under the sign of Leo is considered aggressive and is able to get into unpleasant situations, to suppress this negativity we recommend sapphire of all shades except blue. When you have a child, you should wear a garnet amulet to inspire and unleash your creativity, and to attract good fortune. For women, it is better to choose sun-colored gems, such as citrines. They protect from evil and bring prosperity and wealth to personal lives. Although, carnelian will help to curb the complex character and find self-balance.

Stones for Leos

Stones of Leo

It is important to choose the mineral that will be a companion as accurately as possible, so the choice can be guided by the birthstone, depending on the decade changes and the best talisman gem:

  • 23.07-03.08 - the sign is closely connected with Saturn, which awakens purposefulness. Powerful energetic stones are needed here like diamond, tiger's eye, jasper or ruby with rock crystal.
  • 04.08-12.08 - is the time when the most authoritarian Leo is born, under the benevolent Jupiter. Amber, golden topaz, opal, cat's eye will do them well.
  • 13.08-23.08 - stones for people born during this period should properly generate energy from the influence of Mars. Purposeful people, with developed thinking also need a boost. Diamond, emerald, garnet, tourmaline topaz are ideal for such cases.

Properties and meanings associated with stones for Leos

Let's take a look at the best stones and their characteristics that are important for this sign:

  • Diamond is considered the main talisman for all representatives of the fire sign. For men and women it attracts financial well-being, and for children it influences the development of intelligence and the desire to achieve high results in school.
  • Garnet, being a symbol of energy and passion, motivates to achieve the goal, helps to strengthen the life force.
  • Ruby is recommended to wear for those who strongly dream about something. It will also attract love and prosperity.
  • Tiger's eye is the best stone for confidence. Do you think Lions are not afraid of anything? In vain, they have many fears and phobias. It is this mineral that will help to overcome them attracting good luck.
  • Topaz helps to attract well-being, clarity of thought and inspiration.

How to use Leo stones

How to use Leo Stones

Each described stone is a powerful talisman, attracting success in different spheres, helping, motivating for self-development, creating a balance with the negative qualities of Leos. They can be used in different spheres of life and activities. The main thing is to decide how to use them. We offer you several effective variants that will help you to decide how to use them:


Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces with inlaid stones can be as close to the body as possible and nourish the energy throughout the day. There is another point, Leos love to show off and be in the center of attention. So an elegant piece of jewelry, such as a pendant-talisman with an image of the zodiac sign, the ruling planet and the lucky number will be a source of additional confidence.

Nourishing of energy centers

It is enough to put a stone to a certain area of the body to nourish the necessary energy chakra. For example, to activate the love zone and demonstrate generosity it is better to hold the stone close to the heart.


It is known that the human body is conventionally divided into 12 parts, each ruled by a particular sign. The Leo is responsible for the back of the brain, heart and blood circulation. Therefore, some sources suggest wearing jewelry in the form of pendant talismans. It is believed that in this way the stone power was as close to the heart as possible improving the overall condition. However, do not consider this philosophy as a cure, as the stones only activate their own vitality.

Carrying in your pocket

Another universal way, when the stone will always be with you, and in very important moments, you can even hold it inconspicuously in your hand. However, there is one disadvantage, sometimes it is enough one awkward movement and the talisman can be lost. Therefore, the best way to wear it as a pendant on a chain or string, which also, if desired, can be hidden in the pocket.

Placement in the home

Depending on the purpose, the stones are kept in all corners or in the center of the house to accumulate energy. Some turn stones into amulets seeking to protect the home, family or workplace from all bad things. To take advantage of the energy of stones, experts install them on an altar or simply in a prominent place.

Leo is one of the strongest and most independent, purposeful signs of the horoscope, who find it difficult to be calm. Therefore, they need a kind of balancer to help direct the energy of the sun and fire to good causes. To attract good luck, financial prosperity and success, astrology recommends choosing stones that fit directly to the sign, and use them as powerful energy helpers and motivators to achieve goals.

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