Stones for Cancers: How to use them and what they mean

Stones for Cancers: How to use them and what they mean

Since ancient times, stones have been the basis of astrological symbolism. They act as a link between certain planets and zodiac signs themselves. The planets are believed to have a great influence on a person's character and energy, and stones can be used to smooth out or enhance their influence. It is important to note that not just any minerals are of great importance, but those that are the patrons of a particular zodiac sign. In this article, we are going to pay attention to the most mystical and mysterious of all signs - Cancer. Their main feature is the constant struggle of opposing feelings. They can be shy and aggressive, pessimistic and spontaneous, protective and vulnerable. In order to find a mental balance, to improve their own qualities Cancers need sources of the right energy, which will be accumulated in the appropriate crystals. Let's find out the features of the zodiac, the best stones and their meaning to understand which of them can become a powerful talisman and life companion.

Cancer: Water sign of the Zodiac

Cancer - water sign

General Characteristics

This zodiac sign is the fourth in the horoscope and rules from June 22 till July 22. It is considered a symbol of universal balance, of feminine and masculine principles and belongs to the water element. Also, the Moon patronizes it, so people born in this period have strong character traits.

Character traits associated with Cancer

People of this sign are highly dependent on astrological influence, they can be:

  • Emotional and sensitive having expressive emotions and intense feelings
  • Very attached to their family, doing their best to protect and provide with everything for it. We can call them homebodies without exaggerating
  • Having a strong intuition and empathy, feeling other peoples energy and mood they become good listeners and support for others
  • Natural care of Cancers reflects in everything - they are ready to help, to protect and to support in difficult times.
  • Often prone to mood swings from joy and merriment to sadness and melancholy
  • Having well-developed imagination and creative thinking can achieve a lot in a creative environment.

Given that the character of Cancer is in a dynamic struggle between opposites, the owners of this sign, need something that might bring harmony in their life. Men have to restrain their natural irritability, deal with spinelessness and pessimism. Women should fight vulnerability and resentment. Minerals will help to improve the good qualities and suppress the negative ones.

Stones for Cancer

Stones for Cancer sign

In astrology, it is believed that certain crystals and birthstones can have a powerful energetic connection with the zodiac signs of Cancer. Therefore, they can be helpful in strengthening and supporting traits and energy. According to your date of birth the most powerful stone talismans are:

22.06-01.07 - look out for a moonstone with pearls;

02.07-11.07 - the best companions will be ruby and emerald;

12.07-22.07 - the ideal time for jadeite and pearls.

Let's see which stones will be the best for Cancers:

  • Emerald is especially important for those who are born under this zodiac sign. It helps to reveal the best qualities, it calms down and gives self-confidence, inspires optimism and motivates. And it is better for men to wear it not only in the day, but also at night.
  • Lunar will serve as a symbol of emotional balance, intuition and harmony of spirit. It is especially important for the women’s personality.
  • Pearls are the guardian of tranquility. Being associated with protection against betrayal and deception, it strengthens emotional well-being and may help develop intuition.
  • Jadeite is a stone for good luck, wearing it you can develop a sense of inner security and to attract prosperity. It also promotes emotional and professional growth.
  • Ruby adds energy and passion in personal life, breathes positive notes in the mood and inspires to accomplishments.
  • Opal is a talisman of emotional well-being,which will help you feel confident and strengthen the sense of dignity.

How to use Cancer stones

How to use Cancer Stones

Let’s assume you have already chosen the right stone, but you do not know what to do with it... We are sharing practical tips to help you incorporate them into your daily life:


The surest and most convenient way to use stones is to wear them as talismans. Elegant earrings, an elegant ring, a stylish bracelet will always look exquisite with precious minerals. A pendant-mascot with an emerald will look great, especially enhanced with additional elements that symbolize the patronizing planet, lucky numbers and signs.

Placement in the home

If you want to use the stones as a home amulet, to attract prosperity, family happiness, understanding and well-being, the best option would be to place the minerals in your house. Place them in different parts or all around the house. Depending on the purpose pursued stoned can serve as a decorative element, or they can be hidden from prying eyes. In hallways and corridors they will protect from uninvited guests, also they will not let evil cross the threshold. In the kitchen, they will strengthen the food energy, in the living room they will strengthen the family, and in the children's room they will contribute to the health and proper growth of the child.


During meditation, it will be effective to hold a stone in your hand or put it near you. This will help to focus your energy, visualize desires and improve emotional well-being.


People rarely use stones in this way, self-healing techniques are used by those who deeply believe in the philosophy of the stones power. Of course, we all know, that they do not heal or bring prosperity by themselves . However, it is believed that active exposure of them on areas of the body helps to increase the influence of energy.

Wearing them in your pocket

If ornaments talismans with stones can be worn 24/7, and for some people it is even important precisely the night influence, then the pocket use is only relevant in the daytime. This way gives an uninterrupted connection with the amulet during the day. Also, it is recommended holding the stone in the hand during decision making or strong emotional outbursts.

Stones are important astrological items for those who are born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. They can enhance or attract positive enery characteristics and help to balance the energy field. To get the desired effect, you only need to choose the right mineral and use it correctly. It is important to note that the stones themselves, whatever features they have do not have their own power, but can only guide yours. Therefore, you should not expect that wearing a talisman with a Cancer stone should bring wealth, happiness, stability and other joys of life. You need to "feed" on the energy of stones and constantly work on yourself to attract success to your side.

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