Stones for Aquarius: how to use them and what they mean

Stones for Aquarius: how to use them and what they mean

Astrology connects the world of the universe with the centers of the human soul and body. Since ancient times every precious mineral from the astrological point of view was considered to be directly subordinated to one of the cosmic bodies. Thanks to it, it could receive energy from it and had an opportunity to influence a particular person. Modern astrologers even now believe that the position of the planets and stars, the definition of the horoscope and the elements create specific energy transmitted by stones, which serve as powerful talismans.

It is known that there are 12 signs in the zodiacal circle, each of which possesses particular character traits. In this article, let's get acquainted with Aquarius, occupying the eleventh place of the ecliptic, who are extraordinary, contradictory, and unpredictable compared to the rest. Such people are hard to keep inner peace and live in harmony with the world. A correctly chosen talisman will help to bring balance into life to become happy and prosperous.

Aquarius: the Air sign of the Zodiac.

General description of the zodiac sign

Aquarians are people born between January 21 and February 19. The sign refers to the air element and therefore stands out with dynamism and some irrepressibility. Ruling planets Saturn and Uranus make them hardworking and pioneers, not stopping at the known and standard things. The way of thinking of these people is limitless, unconventional, and sometimes rebellious.

Lucky numbers are 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, and 13. Use them in everyday life, and Lady Luck will smile at you. If planning to buy a piece of jewelry or a gift, consider that silver and platinum will suit the sign. Among the symbols, any air or water elements, the sign's characters, planets, the dragon, the key, and wings can become talismans. Blue, green, violet, purple, mauve, and gray are considered auspicious colors.

Aquarius's key characteristics and character traits:

  • Highly intellectual, eager for the sciences, curious to learn about the world around them and new ideas.
  • Friendly, Aquarius can show kindness and care to others, always ready to help.
  • Do not stop at the known. Look for new unusual solutions, like progress and experiments.
  • Excellent friends - loyal and faithful, appreciate trusting relationships.
  • A broad outlook and excellent imagination allow Aquariuses to see and imagine more than the average person. They feel new trends and also create them.
  • Freedom-loving, striving for independence and self-expression, they will not be able to be long limited by frames or work in subordination.
  • Aquariuses like to stand out and attract attention to themselves.
  • Often guided by a sense of justice, they choose a profession or hobby related to protecting rights.

Finding stones that match these traits

Active and extraordinary Aquarians can not keep the balance and cross the line. Even care and love can become obsessive and unbearable. Selecting suitable talisman stones can soften the sometimes eccentric temperament of this Zodiac sign.

Aquamarine will help women to enhance creativity and strengthen family ties. Garnet will help in love. Pearls will emphasize femininity. Turquoise will bring female happiness. Generally, it is considered a stone for good luck, but married people should not wear it for long. It is better to give it a rest.

Almandine can help men develop determination, sapphire will allow a positive looking at the world, and chrysoprase will attract money and is helpful for inventors. Agate will soften sharp manifestations of character; depending on the color, it can have a different impact.

Stones for Aquarians

When selecting minerals for yourself, it is worth considering that not all of them can be beneficial. You must beware, especially of those crystals that focus on the fire element's energy, such as chrysolite, onyx with topaz, and carnelian.

Selection of stones that are known to resonate with Aquarians

You need to determine the birthstone for a competent choice of a precious mineral that will become a vital talisman, a companion of accomplishments, and a joy for the soul. To do this, astrologers recommend paying attention to the decade when Aquarius was born:

  • First (January 21.01-February 01) - garnet, amethyst, adventurer, amber, pearl.
  • Second (February 02- February 02) - turquoise, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, amber.
  • Third (February 12- February 19) - alexandrite, turquoise, sapphire, tourmaline.

Properties and meanings associated with the best stones for Aquarius

  • Turquoise is the best good-luck stone for those born under this zodiac sign. It "works" for all spheres that can interest Aquarius. In addition, the mineral will prompt its owner if something threatens health.
  • Amethyst is the choice of purposeful personality. It also helps channel energy in the right direction, unlock potential, and not allow you to waste energy on unnecessary things.
  • Sapphire will help to get rid of depression and evil thoughts, allowing you to believe in your strength and risk changing something in your life for a better result.
  • Garnet will temper fickleness, help in matters of the heart, and be a great traveling companion.
  • Tourmaline is another stone for good luck, allowing you to enjoy life, overcome difficulties, and keep your soul young.
  • Pearls are a symbol of prosperity and financial independence.
  • Amber is recommended to wear for harmony in life and inner peace.
  • Lapis Lazuli will eliminate negativity and attract people with positive energy and good intentions into your circle.

How to use Aquarius stones

Aquarius is always interested in unusual, unique, and functional things. It's not enough to pick the best stones for them. You need to use them for the best results.

A few tips will help you in this:

  • Make a gift. In this way, the stone will become an even more potent talisman.
  • Wear stones as jewelry to keep the crystal closest to the body.
  • Buy it in a professional store that understands astrology.
  • Meditate, saturating yourself with energy.
  • Put it under your pillow to cleanse your thoughts and purify your aura.
  • Refuse to buy products and stones that somebody else may have already used because you can transfer misfortunes and negative energy from the previous owner.

Tips on how to wear Aquarius stones:

  • Select stones without defects of an unnatural origin.
  • Using jewelry as talismans, pay attention to pendants. They are closer to the heart.
  • Using brooches, earrings, bracelets, or rings inlaid with minerals will be effective.
  • Do not wear more than one stone at a time. They may not energetically match each other.
  • Carry it in your pocket. It is a good option for attracting money. In addition, you can periodically take it in your hands for energizing.
  • When carrying a talisman in your pocket, you can keep it in your clothes, bag, or purse. The main thing is not to lose it.

As you can see, intelligent, energetic, friendly, and purposeful Aquarians also need energetic and spiritual support and inner balance. The suitable stone for good luck will not be a magic cure for all problems, but it can guide, help, and inspire them to act or, on the contrary, keep them from wrong steps. Talisman Creations for Aquarians has a unique pendant depicting the ruling planet, constellation, the Zodiac sign itself, and lucky numbers with turquoise inlay. It will be an excellent talisman and a faithful companion in all endeavors.

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